Take a Hike

No matter who you are with, no matter what trail you take; in the end, you can only hike your own hike.  You walk alone at your own speed; rarely do you walk with any trail mate for an extended time.  The point is finding yourself while conquering the terrain.  This may be daunting at first.  You’ll find yourself staying awake an extra hour or so wondering if you hung your food bag; put out any fire completely – just like home – did you put out the cat, turn out the lights.  Those feelings will evaporate quickly as you gain confidence in your abilities and you gain experience.  Spend as much time learning about being on the trail as you spend on the trail and you’ll come home a more complete person than when you left.  Kinder, happier and have a treasure trove of memories.

AT trail angels

PCT trail angels

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Dave Kenyon