Altra Lone Peak 3.5


The Altra Lone Peak 3.5

“Altra’s take on their shoe.”

“Updated and improved to make a best-seller even better. With drainage holes to keep your feet dry, a 4-point gaiter system to keep dirt and rocks out, and an upgraded mesh upper for enhanced durability, this shoe is ready to tackle the trail. Run with confidence and conquer the gnarliest terrain with the fully cushioned Zero Drop™ platform, FootShape™ toe box, and MaxTrac, TrailClaw outsole.”

What’s my take?

My daddy always told me … if you buy the best – it’ll last. His anecdotes are as true today as they were 50 years ago. Stand on any trail and take a poll of the shoes folks are wearing. Altra will be at the top of the list. IMHO Their shoes are more durable, more comfortable, and they’ll give you the best length of service.  I’ve tried so many brands of shoes from the $30 to the $200 range.   For my money, there is no better shoe out there. Whether its hiking or running … Do yourself a favor … save up and buy several!

Your feet will love you for it. Mine regularly send me movie tickets!

What’s the Hiking Nerd’s take?