City Slickers

Those of us City Slickers get to enjoy a myriad of hiking opportunities. The photo I took this morning is a good example. Tampa is blessed with one of the world’s longest contiguous sidewalks.  At 7 miles it weaves it way adjacent to Bayshore Blvd and walkers, runners, hikers & bikers are all treated to Tampa Bay; a mere foot away. Sometimes its crowded, mostly its sparsely populated with folks of all fitness levels. Backpacks, fanny packs, headphones, bicycles, bottles of water and occasionally a dog on a leash. Its brutal backpacking in the heat of the day, absolute bliss in the early a.m. and twilight hours. Along the path are fitness stations where you can do pull ups, chin ups, sit ups, etc.   Once you begin the journey to oneself you will find that there is no limit to the possibilities that surround you. There is discovery amidst even the loudest of NYC’s streets. If you take the time to look for them … the avenues that will provide you the opportunity to train and to succeed in your goals surround you, you just have to look.  We all don’t have a place like Bayshore; what we do have are opportunities waiting to be discovered.  You can start by looking on the websites for the city you live in for hiking opportunities, sponsored walks, runs and local clubs.  Reaching out is not diametrically opposed to “hiking solo”.  Its a term that is easily misunderstood.  “Hiking Solo” means that you and only you can  define your path.  You can ask all the folks in the world … its your feet that you put in front of each other.  You walk the walk.  If I can succeed in only one thing on this entire site … my hope would be that it will motivate you to go out your front door.  Find a rhythm that matches your fitness level and strike out.  Its not the destination; its the journey.  They are all different; all filled with adventure; all filled with a greater sense of peace and harmony with yourself and those around you.  “I like to move it move it” Madagascar 3